06 October 2015

Maris Otter Golden Ale: Results

I cold crashed and added gelatin to the Maris Otter golden ale after three weeks in the fermenter.  I then kegged it only a couple of days after adding gelatin.  This was a lot less time than I'd normally wait, but I needed freezer space. 

This is the beer as it left the fermenter. 
I carbonated it reasonably slowly over about a week at 2 degrees Celsius and 12 PSI. 

This is the beer after about a week of carbonation.  I was quite concerned at this point, as it was the least clear beer I'd produced in some time.

Happily, after another week or so in the keg at 2 degrees, the cold crashing did the job and the beer cleared nicely.

Flavour-wise, I'm pretty happy with it.  I'm not sure that the Maris Otter adds a lot relative to the Gladfield Ale malt. But if I squint and stand on one leg I'm pretty sure that I can detect improved mouthfeel.

It's malty, mildly hopped  and easy to drink a lot of, but not particularly sessionable at 5.5%ABV.  As with many beers I brew that aren't heavily hopped, I tend to think that it could probably use more hops. But for non-hop heads, it's very approachable and can be offered to guests without worrying that it might be too bitter or aromatic.

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