13 March 2016

Brooklyn Black IPA Recipe

I have, at length, decided what to do with the Brooklyn hops I purchased a while back.

I'm going to use them for a Black IPA, which is a style I've not tried brewing before. I'm also going to use this brew to test drive my new yeast.

I'm hoping to brew later this week, but in the interim, here's the recipe I'm planning to use.

Grain bill:
3kg Gladfield Ale
1.5kg Vienna Malt
500g Munich Malt
300g Carafa III Special
250g Carapils
200g Black Patent (added during sparge)

40g Pacific Jade (13% A.A.) First Wort Addition 57.4 IBU
100g Brooklyn (Whirlpool)
100g Brooklyn (Dry hop)

White Labs WLP#090

.5 tbs gypsum in mash
1 tbs 5.2 Stablizer in mash
1 tsp Irish moss 10 minutes before flameout

Target OG: 1.062
Target FG: 1.011
ABV: 6.72%

60 minute mash at 66 degrees Celsius
Mash out at 75C 10 minutes
90 minute boil
30 minute hop stand at 75C
5-day dry hop after one week's fermentation

I normally mash at 69C, but I read an article* by the brewer behind both Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger suggesting that hoppy beers benefit from a lighter body, so I'm going to try that out.

I'm going to grind the Black Patent very fine then add it to the top of the grain basket before sparging, so as to add colour without flavour. That's the plan anyway.

*Someone posted this article on Facebook and I cannot now find it. This is a shame as it was a good read.

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