05 March 2016

Vienna Mosaic SMaSH recipe

In response to a couple of queries, I thought I'd post the recipe for the Vienna-Mosaic SMaSH I referred to in a previous post.

The recipe is:
4.5kg Vienna Malt
15g Mosaic (first wort addition)
1tsp Irish Moss (10 minutes)
20g Mosaic whirlpool 
1 pkt of Safale US-05
20g Mosaic dry hop

60-minute mash at 69 degrees
90-minute boil
20-minute whirlpool at 75 degrees 
3-day dry hop after about 7 days' fermentation

This assumes a brew house efficiency of around 85%, so the target OG is 1.050.

If anyone tries this I'd love to hear how it goes for you.
The current batch, of which there's not a lot left :(


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. What he said. Sorry, I should've labeled that more clearly. I often default to US-05 unless I'm trying to be clever.

  2. Planning a similar smash for a competition. What was your boil volume and please elaborate on you whirlpool. Did you only added the hops once wort has cooled down to 70C?